The objective of the Operating Unit of Gynecology is to provide the patient a complete path to healing, from diagnosis to treatment of all medical or surgical gynecological diseases.

The majority of surgical procedures for the treatment of benign disease and cancer are performed with a minimally invasive technique (laparoscopic and robotic surgery) , which in addition to meeting the bodily integrity and beauty of the woman, has the advantage of reducing post-operative pain, hospitalization stay and complications, while providing the same quality and effectiveness of traditional surgery.

Over the years the team has gained considerable experience in the field of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, and when there is an indication, the surgery can be performed using the Da Vinci robot.

The minimally invasive technique is used for the treatment of benign conditions affecting the ovaries and fallopian tubes, endometriosis, diseases of the uterus (myomectomy or hysterectomy, whenever possible) and genital prolapse in young women. Laparoscopic surgery is also intended for the treatment of Oncological diseases, including uterine and cervical cancers (K-cervix) and “borderline” ovarian tumors.

Other gynecological diseases are performed through vaginal surgery or laparotomy (incision into the abdomen): including the removal of the uterus in female genital prolapse or, in selected cases of fibroids or other diseases, vaginal surgery is performed.  Laparotomy is instead recommended for patients with genital cancer, who cannot undergo surgery or robot assisted laparoscopic surgery.

The outpatient clinic provides a path for diagnosis and treatment in 360 degrees and is divided into dedicated services for General Gynecology (visit with standard PAP test), Ultrasonography (abdominal or trans-vaginal, sonohysterography), Colposcopy / Vulvoscopy, benign gynecological diseases, Uro-gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology.on