The clinical activity of the Department of Hand Surgery covers the entire area of competence of osteo-articular, muscle-tendon, nerve, vascular, skin of the hand and wrist diseases and conditions and performs both elective and traumatic procedures. The Department, headed by Dr. Giorgio Pivato, performs 1,500 surgeries and sees over 5,500 patients each year.

The team uses arthroscopic surgery, microsurgery, and prosthetic surgery as sophisticated surgical techniques.

Patients are monitored by surgeons from the first outpatient visit and throughout the entire diagnostic and therapeutic process.

More than 90% of the operations are carried out under Day Surgery protocols. Patients with serious health problems, or who live far from the hospital, or those who have to undergo operations that are highly invasive, are hospitalized for a period necessary to ensure their safety and their needs.

The postoperative rehabilitation is an important part of each treatment. A team of hand therapists work alongside the surgeons. The rehabilitation protocols begin the day of surgery and are re-evaluated for each patient. The treatment outcome is constantly monitored and used as a test to improve the quality of care.

The unit also deals with birth defects that affect children, paying special attention to both the technical (surgical and anesthetic) and organizational processes, with the provision of adequate reception facilities and environment for young patients.

Research protocols and training programs are constantly carried out within the Unit.