The Center for Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease tends to provide the most innovative treatments and treatment strategies for patients with these diseases, according to the most current scientific evidence. The Centre also provides a multidisciplinary approach to IBD, with the help of specialists and experts in the field, and along with the latest technology.

These features have been recently subjected to an objective and independent assessment by a British company, KPMG, which deals with monitoring the quality of reference centers. In the period of May-June 2014, our center, together with seven other centers worldwide, reference in Europe and Canada, has been regarded as a model of excellence among the best in the world for overall quality of care. In addition to multidisciplinary medical, surgical and radiological staff, the center is found to be the only one in the world equipped with a psychologist expert in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, a sign of the special attention that we pay to patients as a whole, with respect to pure intestinal symptoms.

Therefore, KPMG has concluded that our standards should be taken as a model, together with other world centers included in the analysis, for all other centers that are willing to be a reference for IBD. To this end, we are now committed to developing and quantifying the parameters of quality of care that should be evaluated in all other centers.

The goal is to provide the patient with a complete “tailored” program for diagnosis and treatment.

Apart from medical care for patients, the Centre has always been engaged in important research for new treatments or new diagnostic and / or therapeutic strategies. Below is a brief description of the ongoing and upcoming clinical trials during 2015. Participation in clinical trials is subject to a preliminary clinical evaluation by a specialist at the Center.

The center is also equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and procedures intended to aid early diagnosis and to constantly monitor endoscopic and radiological activities of both diseases according to the most modern techniques.

Alongside the clinical activities, the Centre is engaged in the study and development of new effective therapies against these diseases. Studies of basic scientific research active at our laboratory are multiple and are focused on several aspects of these diseases, in order to understand the molecular mechanisms that cause them in the first place.

The Center promotes numerous scientific research projects and collaborates with major referral centers worldwide. It plays an active part in the production of international guidelines on clinical management of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Specifically, there is a close and daily collaboration with the surgical center (contact person: Dr. Antonino Spinelli): running high volumes of highly specialized interventions for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, with a laparoscopic approach and cutting-edge protocols for postoperative management, in order to optimize recovery following the intervention and return to daily activities. During the postoperative period, the Centre makes use of nurses specializing in the management of stoma, for patients for whom it is necessary.

Humanitas plays an active role in a clinic (in agreement with the National Health System) dedicated to IBD ( Inflammatory Bowel Disease ) which can be accessed by booking online ( go to page ) or by contacting the number 02.8224.8282 (specify "first visit at KMORB clinic ").

Opening of the IBD clinic at Humanitas Gavazzeni

A clinic, dedicated to patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, was opened at Humanitas Gavazzeni in Bergamo. Once a week, a doctor of our center will be available to perform first visits and control visits, under the SSN regime, both within the institutional arrangements. 

Patients, who wish to undergo tests or IBD surgery, can call the 03.5420. 4300 (SSN) or 03.5420.4500 (Institutional), specifying "INTESTINE" as the name of the surgery. For more information, please proceed to the relevant page on Humanitas Gavazzeni website.