The Laboratory of Clinical Analysis, with permission of the Lombardy Region, performs basic and specialized test under the scope of the following sections: Clinical Biochemistry and Toxicology, and Hematology and Hemocoaugulation, Microbiology and Virology, Medical Genetics and Cytogenetics. 

The quality, the range and the high specialization of performance is guaranteed by the professionalism of medical specialists in Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology, the Biology Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry, Endocrinology and Medical Genetics, the biotechnologists and technical graduates. The standard, technologically advanced instrumentation and complete computerization of the entire analytical process allows the laboratory to carry out tests in a timely manner and in complete security and control, both in the analytical steps and in reporting.

The Laboratory of Clinical Analysis, Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology relies on the contribution of highly qualified employees and a budget of instrumental forefront, which ensures an excellent level of productivity. The cytogenetic study is carried out using automated microscopes with a fluorescent light, equipped with the system for acquisition and processing of images. The diagnostics in molecular biology is supported by emerging technologies, such as the real-time PCR, which provides the achievement of a high level of quality of investigations. All the analytical process is subject to constant control by at least two operators in order to ensure the Total security in the identification of the samples and the reliability of the results obtained. The activity is developed in two sectors: the cytogenetic and molecular diagnostics, in turn divided into two branches of direct diagnostic infectious diseases and genetically transmitted diseases. 


The results from genetic investigations related to prenatal diagnosis, in studies of peripheral blood and skin tissue, are being accompanied by the reporting microscopic images of the karyotype and/or FISH.