The Operating Unit of Oesophago-gastric Surgery deals with the surgical treatment and perioperative management of patients suffering from functional and organic disorders of the esophagus and stomach , such as reflux disease (with any sequela such as Barrett’s esophagus), achalasia, pharyngeal-esophageal diverticulum (Zenker) and among the first epiphrenic diverticulum and benign and malignant tumors of the esophagus and stomach (leiomyoma, GIST, adenocarcinomas, squamous tumors, as well as rare tumors ).The surgical team performs over 150 surgeries and sees over 600 patients annually.

For all treatments, minimally invasive surgery is performed, as indicated by international guidelines, and this field has grown over the years through recognized experience of Humanitas Specialists.

Among the resective surgeries performed, esophagectomy and gastrectomy represent two of the more complex surgical procedures which require a coordinated multidisciplinary collaboration in perioperative management (before, during and after surgery).

In Humanitas, esophageal and gastric surgery rely on a dedicated team formed by surgeons, anesthesiologists, physiatrists and physical therapists, dietitians and nutritionists, social services, oncologists, radiotherapists, anatomical pathologists, radiologists, endoscopists, and gastroenterologists, who work together to define the best treatment pathways.

The Unit, in collaboration with other operational units, is responsible for developing diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for functional diseases and benign and malignant tumors of the esophagus and stomach. Furthermore, internally or in collaboration with national and international centers, innovative clinical studies are designed and / or conducted for the definition of new surgical strategies.

Particular attention is paid to the integration of competences at a multidisciplinary level for the treatment of benign and malignant tumors (given the active participation within the Cancer Center) of the upper digestive tract, with weekly meetings dedicated to defining the best treatment strategies for each patient.