The Department of Knee orthopedics and sports traumatology, headed by Dr. Piero Volpi and comprised of highly specialized professionals, performs over 800 surgeries and sees over 2,000 patients each year. The Department’s surgeons are distinguished by their knowledge of professional athletes’ morphology, training methods, biomechanics, materials, epidemiology, and preventive factors, which makes them extremely qualified in dealing with various traumas of the knee.

The number of people practicing sports on a regular basis has increased exponentially in the recent years, which evoked the demand for specific knowledge in the domain of sports trauma. As in other disciplines of medicine, Traumatology greatly relies on research, specifically on the one focusing on professional athletes, which subsequently benefits all patients.

Muscle and tendon injuries, joint injuries, increasingly recurrent traumatic and overload pathologies of bone, cartilage and ligament tissues are the areas of greatest interest to the surgeons of the Department.

The knee in particular is an important joint even for those who do not practice sports, as it allows normal walking, and hence must remain functional for as long as possible. Skeletal, ligamentous, meniscal traumas, degenerative lesions, and axis deviations are the most common conditions affecting the knee.

The advent of arthroscopy with minimally invasive surgical techniques has changed the domain of knee surgery, just as the advent of new prosthetic devices has propelled joint replacement surgery.

The orthopedic specialists of the Department of Knee orthopedics and sports traumatology possess the necessary knowledge and experience to offer Humanitas patients appropriate diagnosis and innovative surgical solutions, ranging from arthroscopic techniques to the repair of cartilage, tendons and muscles, from the use of biotechnology to prosthetic replacements.