The Department of Traumatology runs the emergency trauma room and is able to perform treatment of fractures within the first 6 hours and use cutting-edge fixation, reducing the recovery time after the surgery. The unit also handles every day, 24 hours a day, multiple traumas and pediatric traumas. In addition to pediatric orthopedic trauma, which is dedicated to a clinic, the unit takes care of the patients (managing any complications or modifications during the course of healing) treated in the emergency room for dressing and correction of chalk, and also all cases that require a trauma specialist. The Traumatology team performs over 1,000 surgeries and treats 5,000 patients each year.

The Unit of Traumatology is characterized by the way it treats injuries of the musculoskeletal system and their outcomes: if there are no clinical obstacles such as age, heart disease, and/or vascular disease, the interventions take a very short time, minimizing the possible complications of the fracture. The fractured segment is corrected through a minimally invasive procedure, in respect of soft tissue and bone vascularity and to enable early mobilization, thanks to modern means of osteosynthesis available today. This way, you get an early or quicker recovery of the patient, enabling the patient to return to daily activities as soon as possible. In addition, in terms of the lower limbs, the load can be immediate, but always protected by crutches.

The Traumatology Unit is inspired, in its activities, by the principles of the AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur osteosynthesefragen), or Association for the study and treatment of fractures, which has become an international reference. The AO, which promoted a new vision of trauma – with specialization in a specific area and not a minor branch of general surgery – has developed guidelines accepted by all those involved in this discipline: it has drawn up a “Manual for osteosynthesis”, the main reference for the application of AO techniques, and created a network of Education that aims to disseminate the techniques of treatment of fractures that are studied, tested and developed at the research center AO in Davos.