Professor Enrico Arnaldi is the Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Knee Unit Director in Humanitas Research Hospital.

He was the medical apprentice of Dr. Lorenzo Spotorno (a master and pioneer in prosthetic surgery). Since 1984, he has dedicated himself to arthroscopic knee surgery and later on shoulder surgery.

Medical areas of interest:
He is specialized in degenerative and post-traumatic shoulder diseases (rotator cuff tendon injuries, glenomeral arthrosis, shoulder instability) and related surgical treatments, arthroscopic (tendon repairs, capsuloplasty, etc.) and open (latarjet stabilization, orthoprosthesis, etc.).

He also deals with degenerative and post traumatic knee pathologies, with particular attention to the osteoarthritis of the knee (primitive or secondary), the post-traumatic complex capsule-ligamentous instabilities, the lesions of the cruciate ligaments, meniscus and cartilage, and open-air surgical treatments (such as corrective osteotomies, first implant orthoprosthesis and revisions) and arthroscopic (meniscectomies and meniscal sutures, meniscal transplants, ACL reconstruction, treatment of focal cartilage lesions).

Research areas of interest:
There are many research interests, ranging from biotechnology to meniscal transplants and osteochondral grafts, from allogeneic grafts for reviews from failures of ligamentous reconstruction to patella stabilization.

He practiced his specialty in the US in some of the world-renowned medical institutions along with internationally famous doctors: the University of Pittsburgh (Dr. Freddie Fu, Dr. Harner, Dr. Savio Lee Wo), the Intermountain Hospital in Salt Lake City (Dr. Rosemberg, Dr. Paulos), Dr. E. Wolf (San Francisco), Dr. Helman and Dr. Morrison (Los Angeles), Dr. Nottage, Dr. Esch (San Diego), Dr. Steadman and Dr. Hawkins (Vail), Dr. P. Fowler (London Ontario Canada), and J. P. Warner in Boston University.

He has performed more than 10,000 arthroscopic knee surgeries and approximately 1,200 prosthetic reconstruction of the knee. He has always been very involved in the research works in the area of new biotechnologies, meniscal and osteochondral transplantation, allogeneic grafts for revisions by failures of ligament reconstructions, stabilization of the patella