The Department of Arthroscopic Orthopedics and Reconstructive Knee Surgery embodies the skills of young specialists headed by dr. Enrico Arnaldi, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic and/or degenerative knee diseases. The Department specialists perform over 800 surgeries and see over 2,500 patients each year.

The experience gained, both in arthroscopic surgery which in prosthetic surgery, over the past two decades by dr. Amaldi in Italy and abroad is consistently applied and sent to all team members in the clinical indications and the surgical treatment of meniscal, ligament and cartilage, as well as in the treatment of degenerative- arthritic diseases with corrective or prosthetic procedures.

The team is particularly interested in meniscal transplant surgery and reconstructions of the knee ligament by use of tissue grafts from donors for highly selected clinical cases and with the support of the Bank of the tissues and bone of the Lombardy Region. In specific cases, the most current knowledge and biotechnological methods are applied with the use of platelet growth factors to “stimulate” and “facilitate” the optimum conditions for the development of the processes of tissue healing.

In addition to clinical work and surgical care of the patients, the objectives of the team also involve the constant update of new knowledge in the field of orthopedics, the verification of the results on the care activities performed, and contributing their experience to activities carried out by the national and international scientific societies.