Doctor Matteo Sticozzi is a foot orthopaedist at Humanitas Research Hospital.

He focuses in particular on arthroscopic, prosthetic and reconstructive surgery of foot and knee. He also addresses to sport traumas of foot and ankle and infiltrative joints therapy.

Doctor Sticozzi is specialized in capsular-ligamentous and cartilaginous reconstruction in the field of sport traumatology and in the prosthetic development.

He is a member of SIAGASCOT (Italian Arthroscopic Knee Upper Limb Sport Cartilage Orthopaedic Technology Association) and he is author of 8 international communications in international congresses, 17 communications in national congresses and in the study “Reinfusion-Drains Reduce Blood Transfusion in Total Joint Arthroplasty”.

Doctor Sticozzi has been a fellowship at University Hospiatl “Virgen de las Nieves” of Granada, Spain, from November 2014 to November 2015.



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