The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of the Foot and Minimally Invasive Surgery is dedicated to articular (joint) surgery with such surgical techniques as arthroscopy, minimally invasive surgery, and prosthetic surgery. The Department surgeons perform over 700 operations and see over 2,500 patients yearly.

Particular attention is devoted to minimally invasive surgery of the foot including a number of techniques to correct the defects of the forefoot through small incisions in the skin.

The experience gained by Dr. Maradei in nearly 20 years of knee and shoulder surgery with Prof. Mario Clubs in Italy and abroad means that the unit has developed an important experience in the context of prosthetics of the shoulder and knee, collaborating in the search for innovative materials and less invasive toolkits.

The arthroscopy technique is now essential for surgery of the joints and it is regularly used by the team for the treatment of ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder.