Professor Leonardo Maradei is specialised in orthopaedics and traumatology and is the Director of the Foot Surgery and Minimally Invasive Operations Unit in Humanitas Research Hospital.

He performs surgery on the foot with minimally invasive techniques and arthroscopic surgery. After his specialization he deepened his studies in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and the knee at the Mississippi Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (USA), under the guidance of prof. F. H. Savoie. He has developed considerable experience in shoulder prosthetic surgery as a pupil of prof. Mario Randelli.

His research is focused on the development of new prosthetic materials for the shoulder. During his years in Humanitas he has performed more than 2000 surgeries on the foot, more than 1000 on the knee and more than a 1000 on the shoulder.

Dr. Maradei is a professor at UniversitĂ  Statale of Milan where he teaches Medicine and Surgery – Lessons on minimally invasive surgery of the shoulder and knee