Professor Carlo Castroro is the General Gastric and Esophagus Surgery Unit Director in Humanitas Research Hospital. He has graduated in the University of Padua and specialised in general medicine and thoracic surgery.

Medical areas of interest:

  • gastric esophagus surgery
  • day surgery
  • general surgery

Previous experience: Head of Simple Departmental Oncological Surgery Unit at the “Istituto Oncologico Veneto”, IOV – IRCCS, Padua.

Research areas of interest:

  • gastro-intestinal oncological surgery
  • diseases of the esophagus with particular focus on oncologicy
  • training, new technologies and distance learning
  • day surgery and surgical services reorganization

Teaching experience: He is a professor in the Graduate School of General Surgery of the University of Padua and has also participated as a lecturer in numerous postgraduate training courses in the field of esophageal surgery, day surgery and minimally invasive surgery.