The Unit of Neurosurgery deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of major disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. Both the diagnostic and therapeutic activity can be performed through an inpatient procedure and day hospital. 


The team is responsible in particular for compression of spinal nerves (lumbar disc herniation and cervical stenosis, congenital and acquired spinal canal, degenerative spine instability and / or post-traumatic vertebral medullary tumors and malformation syndromes, entrapment syndromes and tumors of the peripheral nerves, schwannomas, etc.), primary and secondary brain tumors; Cerebrovascular diseases (ischemia and cerebral haemorrhage), congenital malformations of the central nervous system (Chiari, syringomyelia etc.), abnormal circle CSF (hydrocephalus). 

The team performs diagnostic and instrumental tests (EEG, EMG, evoked potentials) of neurology and neurophysiology, and deals with the treatment of medical conditions and the support and monitoring of neurological and neurosurgical cases.