7 scientifically and non-scientifically proven signs of a Bad Diet.

# 1 Your recycling bin needs emptying 10 times more often than your organic trash bin.


Sure the packaging is usually twice the size of the product, and most of us try to eat all our food, BUT if you never see cabbage stocks, carrot peels, and tomato vines in your trash then you are probably having too many processed foods.


# 2 Your skin looks older than you are.

Young and old face.

Preservatives will not preserve you! Its all about keeping it fresh, your food I mean… Don’t eat stuff that require more energy to digest then they will give you.


#3 You are feeling too tired to think.

Entrepreneur Yawning In Office

If by 12pm you feel like the best of you is gone for the day, its probably because you haven’t fueled your body properly. Start every day with a healthy breakfast and if you like your coffee make sure you aren’t enjoying it on an empty stomach.


#4 You are constantly sick.

feeling sick

Are you getting the right vitamins in your diet? Try adding some colorful fruit and vegetables to your diet as well as plenty of vitamin C from oranges and lemons to fight off those germs.


#5 You have been working out for months but aren’t loosing any weight.

overweight man exercising

If your daily intake of calories especially the kind that are loaded with saturated fats and sugars significantly outweighs what you are burning at the gym then don’t expect to see any changes soon.


#6 You are gaining or loosing weight rapidly.

loosing and gaining weight

If you are loosing weight unintentionally and feel that you are eating enough it may be that you have flooded your diet with empty calories. Make sure your meals are rich in nutrients and not just calories.


#7 Your teeth are rotting.

dental problem

Your dentist in this case will probably have told you this already but your diet impacts your oral health greatly, and its not just your teeth that don’t like sugar.