There are numerous causes that lead to a wrist fracture, yet most of them could be avoided by paying more attention to safety at home. Dr. Luciana Marzella, orthopedic and hand surgeon at Humanitas spoke to the “Hello Wellness” on Rai 1.


How to prevent domestic trauma?

It has been estimated that in Italy approximately 60% of all injuries occur from a fall due to a carpet which has bad or no support. There are a number of small steps we can take to avoid these types of situations. It is wise to have fixed carpets either by using an underlay or sturdy metallic structures. Another very important one is the use of a non-slip mat in the shower.


The fracture of the wrist

There are many bones that make up the wrist. This means there are various types of wrist fractures. The most common is the fracture of the distal radius. In this case it immediately warns a series of specific disorders, including:

  • intense pain
  • swelling
  • purplish colour
  • functional impairment
  • wrist deformity (in case of compound fracture)
  • inability to move the wrist.


What to do if you suspect you have a broken wrist?

You need to go to the emergency room. Since it may take some time before your visit, it is better to take some measures first. You may want to rest your wrist on a hard cardboard surface, avoiding excessive movement and cover the top of the wrist with a cloth and secure with tape.

In the presence of a fracture, a visit to the emergency room will be accompanied by an x-ray. In the case of a compound fracture a plaster cast will be applied for a few weeks. If it’s a more severe fracture it will be necessary to proceed with surgery.


What to do in case of pain or a bruise on the wrist?

If we feel pain from bruises, we can attempt a temporary fix by applying a home remedy. Simply get a sock and cut the tip. Wear the sock as a glove using the hole for your thumb. Position a cardboard under the hand and cut out a shape following the wrist. There is no need for cardboard under the fingers. Once you have cut out the shape wrap it all with an elastic band. Make sure the bandage is not too tight as it can prevent blood circulation.