Recovery times after an injury, Dr. Piero Volpi, Head of Knee Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology at Humanitas, illustrates the importance of recovery after tissue damage in a video.


What is the recovery time after an accident?

When an athlete or an ordinary person suffers an injury it is important to respect the recovery times that the diagnosis of the professional has imposed. It is also important to follow the treatment and rehabilitation schedule.

After an injury, more and more people are trying to speed up recovery times. There is certainly a strong willingness to recover, but the situation can be harmful because the damaged tissues are subjected to stress that they are not ready to deal with because they are in the process of repair.


Why is it important to meet recovery times after an injury?

In athletics, rehabilitation is respected much more diligently than in the normal population. This error often leads to relapses or injuries on pre-existing injuries given by a rapid or exaggerated recovery.