“Almost 40.000 women in Italy, are affected by breast cancer and get the necessary treatment. Thanks to prevention, we can diagnose tumors earlier than in the past and so are more curable. Moreover, women treated in Breast Centers, have 20% more chances to heal”, Doctor Francesco Caruso, Director of the Oncology Department at Humanitas, Catanese Oncology Center, highlights.


Tomosynthesis is able to grasp everything that escapes traditional mammography. “It is a mammographic technique that requires a digital mammograph, with a software that can capture 3D images. This allows the medical radiologist interpreting the exam to study breasts in thin layers. Sometimes we can find very little lesions, satellites to the main lesion, that 2D mammography or ecography could not find. This makes for a better pre-op staging”, Doctor Francesco Pane, Supervisor for the Breast Diagnostic Service, says.

Advantages of Oncoplastic

Nowadays oncoplastic interventions, putting together oncological and reconstructive aspects, are possible. “This may happen both in conserving surgery, that remodels the whole breast after the tumor removal, and in ablative surgery, that removes the whole breast and substitutes it with a prosthesis. In the past, they used to remove the skin and one or two underlying muscles, while nowadays we keep the muscles intact (including areola and nipple)and we widely preserve the skin, resulting in better-looking prosthesis implants”, Doctor Caruso highlights.