“One of the most important scientists in the world, his studies on immunology and inflammation in the growth of cancer cells are fundamental for the diagnosis and treatment of today’s tumors. Winner of prestigious awards and honors, he is a pride and a reason for hope to so many people “: with these words Fabio Fazio presented Professor Alberto Mantovani, Scientific Director at Humanitas, a guest in the studio What time ago on RAI-3.

“When we vaccinate our children we have to think that we are tying their seat belt. Let then a gesture of solidarity towards children and vulnerable adults: there is a mechanism we call herd immunity or community , and it is as if allacciassimo the seat belt to those 1,500 children with cancer who have an immune system prejudiced and that it therefore can not be vaccinated. Not to vaccinate means putting at risk those who can not get vaccinated.

Unfortunately, the World Health Organization has raised a yellow card to Italy because with the decline in vaccination coverage are losing the herd immunity , although I prefer to talk about the community immunity, because there is one aspect of solidarity it should be emphasized. ”

The situation meningitis

“What meningitis is a serious problem, however, by maintaining in its terms. In 2016, in fact, throughout the year, we had 178 cases of meningococcal meningitis and has not increased in comparison to previous years. It is therefore worth pointing out that we are not facing an epidemic . The died of meningitis were in our case about 12%. But we think that one of the latest epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa has seen 11,000 cases with more than a thousand deaths. ”

The research of Professor Mantovani

The conductor recalled the discovery of the PTX3 gene by Professor Mantovani and his important research in immunology field in the fight against cancer.

“To the immune system of patients with cancer have happened mainly two things: on the one hand, some of the defenses have become corrupt cops and help all aspects of cancer; on the other, some defenders have fallen asleep and corrupt policemen help to make sure that they continue to sleep. They are so new strategies developed to awaken the immune system and in part to stop the corrupt cops “.

The fight against cancer

“There have been great successes in the fight against advanced melanoma , a tumor against which we have not made progress for decades, and are currently around 20% of patients treated and we have a reasonable hope that they can be from 40% to 60%.

The tumor is not an invincible disease, there is hope because it has opened up new frontiers, such as immunology. Use our defenses against cancer is my dream of a life but it is also the dream of all those doctors who for a hundred years have struggled against cancer. My great hope is that young people today are in the lab. “