Humanitas will host two young American surgeons that chose this Institute to finalize their training in hand surgery. In fact, the hand surgery operational unit of Humanitas is one of the three Italian centers selected by IBRA. An international scientific society organizing courses and bursaries for superior limbs surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and facial surgery.
Buki Ayeni is a hand surgeon from Arizona University. He will stay at Humanitas for a month to get a special training in hand surgery with Doctor Alberto Lazzerini.
“I am trying to finalize my training with experiences in internationally recognised centers, with world-class professionals, such as Doctor Lazzerini and Doctor Marzella. This is the reason I chose Humanitas”, Doctor Ayeni explained.

Why Choosing hand Surgery

“I chose to become a hand surgeon, not only because it is a very challenging field, but also because we use our hands for practically anything, including communication. I want to keep learning, in order to treat hand issues and to restore such an important body part for patients. One can only broaden one’s own knowledge by watching and working together with top-notch professionals. Moreover, a good interaction with patients requires knowing their culture. That way, we can employ different approaches, in order to become better surgeons”.
Within this program, Humanitas will host for a month another young doctor from Arizona University.