“The management of ankle instability in sport”, this is the title of the scientific conference held at the University of Mantua, which was also attended by Dr. Piero Volpi, Head of the medical staff of Internal Medicine (Fc International) and Head of Knee Orthopedics and Sport Traumatology at Humanitas.

Dr. Volpi has intervened on the subject of ankle trauma, one of the most sudden injuries in sport; the external ligaments are usually the first to give way.

“This is a very frequent trauma and it can be generated in different ways. In football 39% without contrast, 59% per contact and 2% from structures such as fields or billboards,” explained Dr. Volpi.


Ankle trauma: what to do?

“A problem in the ankle should never be underestimated. Very often this type of trauma ends up at first aid level, especially in non-professional athletes.

It is important to take an X-ray and then begin conservative or surgical treatment. The next step is a good re-education with different specific exercises, which lead the athlete to the normal performance of the competitive activity”, said the specialist.