Back pains are a common disorder, the causes of which are not always due to a wrong move, exaggerated effort, or a muscle tear. As explained by Dr. Giuseppe Santoro, an orthopedic surgeon in Humanitas, in an interview on the Italian ” Viversani e Belli“, back pain can also be linked to factors closely related to your lifestyle. When you have a back ache it is best to avoid self diagnosis or do it yourself remedies and contact your doctor instead. In light of the reported symptoms your doctor will suggest the appropriate diagnostic procedure.




Shot of a businessman rubbing his aching back while sitting at his desk in front of his computer

6 things that may be causing your back pain


# 1 Shoes and clothes

The choice of clothing is not just a matter of style, but also health. High heels, or very low shoes (flats, ballerinas), tight or loose-fitting clothing (including underwear) that force the body and limit the range of motion of the spine can be an issue. “Excessive compression may adversely affect the operation of the lower back and abdominal muscles, exposing your back to possible contractions,” explains Dr. Santoro.


# 2 Excessive physical activity

Regular physical activity is important and healthy, aerobic activities such as walking and swimming, are best for your back. However, do not overdo it if you are not ready and pay attention: some more traumatic activities such as running, may cause pain in the lower back. In general, you should choose the right shoes (and equipment) and not practice excessive or uncontrolled exercise. If you get hurt, you should consult an orthopedic.


# 3 Anxiety and depression

Psychilogical disorders can also affect the health of the back. “Anxiety and depression create muscle tension, making movements less fluid and more rigid”, explains Dr. Santoro. Consulting a specialist in the presence of these illnesses is important to investigate the causes and embark on a course of treatment that will benefit your posture and spine.


# 4 A sedentary lifestyle

Spending too much time sitting, such as assuming the same position on the couch, causes back pain. “While we try to relax in a position that we believe is comfortable, we may inadvertently provide a muscle imbalance that generates overloads to the bottom of the spine, resulting in pain. A situation that can arise more if you have suffered from back pain in the past”.


# 5 Smoking

In addition to already known problems, ” Smoking causes less tissue oxygenation. A situation that could contribute to greater difficulties in the contraction and subsequent relaxation of the muscle, with an increase in the risk of chronic pain to the back”, explains Dr. Santoro.


# 6 Other diseases

“Back pain could be hiding problems in other organs. If you have stomach problems, such as gastritis, or urinary tract infections, the pain could be reflected on the spine. The same happens in more important situations, such as abdominal aortic aneurysm or tumors of the pelvis or the respiratory system”.