It’s called “belly slot” and it could be the new summer trend. “Slot” is the line which forms from under the breast to the navel area of the abdomen (“belly”). These shots were taken of two beautiful girls at the show to turn the spotlight on to this potential new trend of summer 2015. The singer Anna Tatangelo and model Emily Ratajkowski displayed this slot on the web as a line marked along a flat stomach. The “belly slot” is the result of intense physical exercise and a diet that does not know large binges. It is also a symbol of enviable physical shape but probably also a sign of excessive skinniness.


A belly line as the new summer trend?

If it becomes the new must-have look of the summer, the profiles of friends and classmates on social networks will be invaded by photos with”belly slot” on display, and then the emulation will have won. The “belly slot” is just the latest fashion tend that has launched on the web and it could electrocute thousands of girls around the world. It could lead to instances such as last summer’s “bikini bridge”, where girls would lie down to recreate a bridge between their hip bones with elastic costume “thigh gap”, the space between the thighs. The latest craze for social teenagers calls into question once again the belly, especially the navel: “Can you touch your navel by wrapping your arms around your back?” . This is called the “Belly Button Challenge” and it is a social game challenge from China that has flown from screen to screen, thanks to Instagram. The “turtle” effect has conquered the “female body”: the “belly slot” completes the ideal beauty image influenced by fashion, as demonstrated by recent “passions” towards cheekbones, narrow hips and breasts.


How does the “belly slot”, the imaginary line joining the breasts to the navel, present itself?

“It’s an effect of a well toned and fit abdomen, but not only this. In many cases, it is also a sign of so called diastasis abdominal rectus muscles or the condition where the muscles are separated, which always occurs in women who are pregnant, in order to allow the abdomen room to grow,” says Professor Marco Klinger, head of the Plastic Surgery Department in Humanitas Hospital.   “This is definitely the case of Anna Tatangelo, who is a mother and if she wished to undergo a minoabdominoplasty, then in her case, excessive tissue would not be removed but rather the rectus muscles would be joined together. In Emily Ratajkowski’s case, however, the “wake effect” is given by the particularly trophic rectus muscles”, concludes the specialist.