In the space that many people know as the “solar plexus”, between the breastbone and the stomach: it is there that people often feel tensions and annoyances when they are stressed, worried or sad. The “blues”, someone calls it.

Professor Beatrice Salvioli, gastroenterologist at Humanitas, spoke about it in an interview on Radio 24, and advised patients to “pamper” their belly more.


The expert’s advice

“You can start in the morning, as soon as you wake up, with a light belly massage and a glass of warm water with lemon: it relaxes the walls of the intestine and allows our body, stomach and intestine to “welcome” breakfast better,” explained the professor.

In the most critical and stressful moments, when you feel the “magone” and swelling of the belly, you must then pay attention to the meals: “at lunch better avoid raw fibers, such as salads, because they are more difficult to digest, at that point it is better to choose a sandwich or pasta,” explained Salvioli, remembering that in any situation it is always good “to chew slowly and do not look at computers or mobile phones during meals”.


Natural remedies for a belly under stress

Among the most effective and relaxing remedies for a “stressed” belly there are certainly herbal teas such as chamomile, lemon balm and linden. Finally, Dr. Salvioli recommends drinking a glass of water at room temperature every hour.