Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women. There is an increase of approximately 30% in the occurrence of this cancer in women aged between 35 and 50 years.

“Despite the increased occurrence, breast cancer has a survival rate approaching 90%. This rate increases when it is diagnosed at an early stage, but one woman in 5 have not yet understood the risks. Unfortunately they continue to avoid undergoing tests that lead to early diagnosis“, says Dr. Marco Alloisio, Head of Thoracic Surgery at Humanitas Rozzano and president of the Italian League Milan provincial section for the Fight against Cancer (LILT).

Prevention and early detection are key words and are once again reaffirmed at the Pink Ribbon Campaign of 2016, sponsored by LILT in October.



The role of early diagnosis

“In the North of Italy, particularly in Lombardy, the participation of the population invited to screening is rather high. Therefore the incidence of breast cancer is increasing because of the diagnostic anticipation. However the diagnosed tumors are of increasingly small dimensions, just a few millimeters in size. By screening, in many cases, we achieve early detection and thus act quickly. Also there are more and more effective treatments with fewer side effects, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and suited treatments based on the biological profile of each individual patient”, says Dr Marco Alloisio .

It is also fundamental for prevention, to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” without smoking, with a very low consumption of alcoholic beverages, healthy diets, and proper attention to the assumption of hormones”.

With the Pink Ribbon Campaign “we sensitize young women to practice self-examination, to undergo ultrasound under the age of 40 and then to proceed to a mammography in the age for screening. Only in the presence of familiarity or in presence of the BRCA1 and 2 gene mutations is there a need for more stringent monitoring of the risk of breast cancer“, adds Dr. Alloisio.


The exhibition #fatelevedere in Humanitas and the pink ribbon

The Humanitas Clinical Institute hosts the photographic traveling exhibition #Fatelevedere, organized by LILT Milan. The aim is to raise awareness among women about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis. The exhibition hosts photos of women, inviting all other women to expose their breasts for a checkup.

October is the month of breast cancer awareness internationally, with many hospital, and groups involved in the cause. The pink ribbon has been the characteristic symbol of breast cancer awareness in recent years.

The exhibition was staged throughout the month of October  and will continue this week at building 2, on the first floor.