Breast cancer is a disease with a significant social impact. It is now clear from scientific data that relying on a Breast Unit, or a specialized and dedicated breast center to treat this neoplasm, has a positive impact on survival, with a significant reduction in mortality.

The European Union, which has also been focusing its attention on the treatment of this cancer since 2003, had called on the Member States to establish a network of specialized breast centers on their territories by 2016. The Italian Ministry of Health, the first in Europe, had issued a decree containing all the organizational steps needed to identify the criteria of quality and number for breast centers.

As Dr. Corrado Tinterri, director of the Breast Unit at Humanitas, points out: “The certified Breast Units are a positive example of a health organization, with the aim of guaranteeing all women with breast cancer access to the most effective treatment, in accordance with international guidelines. It is a high level of health care that reduces waste and optimizes resources, in favor of a better quality of life and survival”.


The Europa Donna video appeal for the Breast Units

“The time has run out”: but Europa Donna, the movement that represents women’s rights in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, stresses.

Europa Donna Italia, together with women’s associations and some scientific societies, has made a video appeal to institutions to highlight how there are delays in the establishment of Breast Units, delays that prevent women from being treated according to the law.

The video will be shown during a meeting at Palazzo Montecitorio (Rome) on Monday 29 May, which will also include Rosanna D’Antona, President of Europa Donna Italia, and Dr. Corrado Tinterri, Member of the Coordination Group for the implementation of the Network of Senology Structures for the Ministry of Health and coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Europa Donna.