How does what we eat affect our memory and the functioning of our brains? Dr. Elisabetta Menna, researcher of Humanitas and the Institute of Neuroscience of the CNR, spoke about this in an interview with Fuori TG, a column of TG3.

Blueberries, chocolate, vegetables, turmeric, whole grains, nuts: these are some of the foods that are friends of memory. These foods have anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties, which are fundamental for preserving a good memory and can help prevent and slow down the onset of brain diseases. Curcumin contained in turmeric, fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and vitamins contained in nuts, flavonols of cocoa and antioxidants of blueberries.

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables, including these foods, along with physical activity and continuous training of the mind can protect the functionality of our brain, but it is important to start when we are young.


The importance of prevention from an early age

“We often talk about the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, while we focus less on the prevention of brain diseases, but it is equally important before we get to a stage of a developed disease when you can clearly not manage without drugs,” she emphasized.


Signals that should not be underestimated

Forgetting a name, not remembering where you put the keys are unexpected situations that can happen to everyone. However, it is good to pay attention and if these symptoms continue, you should talk to your doctor, recommended the specialist.


Watch the interview with Dr. Menna, click here