Humanitas has been at the epicenter of cancer research and treatment for a few years. We not only use cutting edge technology for the best treatment possible but we also focus largely on you as a person and patient.

We always aim to accomplish two things. Firstly to provide the best treatment possible, and secondly to do it in the least invasive and most comfortable way.

5 Reasons why Humanitas can do more for you

Cutting Edge Technology

At Humanitas we work closely with the leaders in medical engineering, testing and improving new technologies used for treatments in Oncology.


With the revolutionary linear accelerator TrueBeam, we are able to deliver very high doses on an extremely well targeted area in just a few seconds. This allows us to not only provide a very effective treatment without any pain but also to ensure that healthy tissue surrounding the tumor are not injured. We do this by using the ExacTrac which continuously monitors patient and organ movement through infrared and makes instant adjustments. It stands out as the new treatment option for patients with abdominal metastatic diseases, as well as liver, pancreatic and lung cancers that cannot be operated-on.

Our PET-CT and Nuclear Medicine Expertise

With our advanced knowledge in Nuclear Medicine we provide better diagnosis and treatment of several oncologic conditions. PET-CT and Scintigraphy are two diagnostic imaging methodologies that are widely used in oncology.

With PET-CT we are able to obtain high definition images from a CT scan combined with extremely detailed metabolic information through PET. This is one of the most innovative methods currently used in diagnosis.

Scintigraphy is a diagnostic imaging method which through the administration of radiopharmaceuticals allows us to monitor the functionality and health of targeted organs. Our experience in radiopharmaceuticals allows us to use an extensive range (7 in total) that we prepare in our treatment center thus allowing us to provide a more analytic and accurate diagnosis.

The Gamma knife

The gamma knife is a type of radiosurgery which administers high doses of radiation with extreme precision. It is used for treatment of