On the evening of 22nd of  May, the city of Buccinasco hosted a scientific advisory event, devoted to oncological prevention and in particular, cancers in males.

Lung cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer were the focus of this event. Among the speakers, there were Doctor Alberto Testori, thoracic surgeon, Section Supervisor and Associate Director Breast Unit at Humanitas and advisor at LILT – Italian Group Against Tumors, and Doctor Elisa Ferrara, digestive endoscopy specialist at Humanitas.

The program

This event aimed to highlight the importance of primary oncological prevention (such as proper nutrition, physical activity and not smoking), secondary oncological prevention (such as early diagnosis and screening), and also presented the latest scientific developments.

Doctor Testori spoke about lung cancer and the risks of smoking and vaping, while Doctor Ferrara spoke about colorectal cancer and, in particular, about the regional screening programs based on the search for hidden blood in stool.