One of the key elements in order to keep our eyes and especially the crystalline lens healthy, is the correct intake of liquids and vitamins.

Professor Paolo Vinciguerra, Supervisor of the Eye Center of Humanitas, talked about this in an interview for Rai1’s program “Time and Money”.

“A cataract is the clouding of the crystalline lens. This lens is inside the eye, and puts near or distant things into focus. Usually, this issue is more frequent among elderly people. However, other risk factors are, exposure to radiations, diabetes, traumas, cortisone intake (altering the metabolism) and eye infections”, Prof. Vinciguerra explains.

Symptoms and surgery

The main symptom is a gradual clouding, sometimes associated with frontal-light blinding and image duplication.

“There has been a great improvement in the treatment of the cataract. Actually, there are two methods. The one involves ultrasounds, and the other, a robotic laser. Overall, results are excellent and the operation is safe. In fact, according to a survey by the World Health Organization, the cataract operation is the safest and the most common in the world. Only in Italy, half a million operations are performed each year”, the Professor says.