Adequate intake of liquids and vitamins is one of the key elements to keep the eyes in good health, crystalline in the first place.

Professor Paolo Vinciguerra, Head of the Ophthalmic Centre of Humanitas, is the guest in studio at Tempo e Denaro on Rai1.

Cataract is a process of matting the lens, a lens inside the eye that allows you to focus from afar and close. The disorder is more frequently linked to advancing age; among other risk factors: exposure to radiation, diabetes, trauma, cortisone intake (which alters metabolism) and eye infections,” explains Prof. Vinciguerra.


Symptoms and surgery

The main symptom is progressive fogging, sometimes with glare in the front light, and splitting of images.

“There has been a great evolution in the treatment of cataracts. There are two methods: one with ultrasound and one with robotic laser. In general, the results are excellent and the intervention is safe. According to a research by the World Health Organization, one may think that cataract surgery is the safest ever and is also the most practiced surgery in the world; in Italy alone there are half a million interventions a year,” says the professor.


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