Professor Giuseppe Spriano, Head of Otolaryngology in Humanitas and lecturer at Humanitas University, during the board meeting of the IFHNOS International Federation of Head and Neck Oncology Societies – the worldwide organization that groups all the Cervico-Facial Oncology Societies in the world – has been appointed member of the Executive Committee, together with seven other colleagues, and president of the next world congress, to be held in Rome in 2022.

The objectives of IFHNOS

The aim of the federation – in which 65 countries of the world and their cervical-facial oncology societies are represented – is to provide a common platform and a meeting point for specialists in the field of head and neck cancer, to interact and discuss professional issues of mutual interest and to ‘export’ and share the know-how of the best surgeons and oncologists even in countries where research is less advanced.

For this reason, for example, “IFHNOS has created a pool of 17 surgeons, considered to be the top experts in the world, who will teach how to operate directly in countries such as Eastern Europe, Russia, some countries in Asia and Africa, where cancer research and surgery in particular is not yet advanced,” explained Professor Spriano, a member of the pool of experts.

Rome 2022: towards the IFHNOS World Congress. Recognition for Italy

The IFHNOS World Congress is held every four years. “It is a time to take stock of the state of the art of oncological and surgical research in which more than 4,000 professionals are involved, in different capacities of oncology head and neck,” explained Professor Spriano.

The event involves otorini, radiotherapists, surgeons, oncology doctors from around the world, confirming the increasingly multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of head and neck cancer, which account for 20% of malignant tumors in humans and are in seventh place among the most common cancers in Europe.

After the World Congress in Buenos Aires, which ended last September, in 2022 Italy will host the leading experts in the field who will meet in Rome: “It is a great recognition for Italy and for ‘cervical-facial oncology, which in our country is growing significantly – said Professor Spriano – Italy today, along with Northern Europe and the countries of North America is the country where research is more advanced.

Reconstructive surgery and robotic surgery: strengths of cervical-cervino-facial oncology

Today, looking at the surgery that deals with head and neck cancers, “the points of interest today – added Spriano – are represented, for the surgery, by the important introduction of reconstructive surgery, which allows you to ‘rebuild’ through real tissue transplants, the areas from which the tumor was removed and robotic surgery that allows you to remove from the mouth tumors that were previously removed by external means, with significant aesthetic and functional advantages