In Italy there are about 200,000 people suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel disease. For this reason Humanitas has chosen to dedicate a whole day to patients, their doubts, questions and concerns.

A free event open to the public – scheduled for February 16 at the Congress Centre of Humanitas – to have a more complete and comprehensive perception of the management of gastrointestinal diseases.

The programme of the event

The event will be held by specialists from the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre of the Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano, recognized as a model for quality in the treatment of chronic diseases affecting the intestine (IBD).

The day, which is organized in collaboration with Amici Onlus (National Association for Chronic Bowel Diseases) will start at 9.15 am with greetings from Prof. Silvio Danese, head of the Centre for Chronic Bowel Diseases.
Intestinal Chronic Inflammatory Diseases, will continue with speeches and reports by specialists who will illustrate the progress, updates and most common procedures in the field of gastrointestinal diseases, focusing on the latest scientific evidence and guidelines on the appropriate use of drugs and endoscopic procedures.

This advanced course, in addition to outlining the diagnostic and treatment lines already proven and validated, will also highlight the uncertainties and doubts on the subject.

A cooking show with Marco Bianchi about the best recipes

Since the health of our body and intestines also depends on lifestyle and nutrition, which is the best way to discover the most suitable recipes together with taste and health professionals? At the end of the meeting there will also be space for fun, with the show cooking coordinated by the scientific divulger of the Veronesi Foundation Marco Bianchi, who will demonstrate some recipes indicated for those suffering from chronic intestinal diseases. The recipes presented are collected in the book “The anti-inflammatory diet for the intestine”, not only a cookbook but a real scientific guide to choose the most suitable foods for patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, recently published by Prof. Silvio Danese (Demetra Editore-Gruppo Giunti).