Neck pain is a very common disorder. It can be acute or chronic and often caused by inflammation of tendons, muscles and joints. The most common causes are bad posture, minor trauma (in the absence of fractures or more serious injury) and arthritis of the spinal joints. It is often referred to as a sense of pain or cervical heaviness. Furthermore it tends to worsen with movement to such an extent as to make it difficult to perform daily activities.

Dr. Fabio Intelligente, anesthesiologist coordinator of treatment of chronic pain at Humanitas exaplins that often the cause of a chronic or recurrent neck pain lies precisely in inflammation or deterioration (osteoarthritis) of the contact joints between the vertebrae. This disorder is often called the facet joint syndrome.

Neck pain should not be underestimated and if its presence is persistent you should contact your doctor who will arrange the most appropriate diagnostic tests and provide a possible therapeutic procedure.



A new treatment against neck pain

At Humanitas we provide a new treatment against neck pain. “The patient can be subjected to different ultrasound guided procedures. A technique that allows, without the emission of harmful radiation, to identify the regions and structures believed to cause pain. They can be treated in an extremely precise and targeted way. Depending on the case, it may be possible to perform infiltration or other types of minimally invasive procedures. The treatment is conducted in outpatient settings. Furthermore the patient is in experienced hands, and there are no contraindications or side effects”, explains Dr. Intelligente. Additionally “It can potentially be indicated to all patients suffering from chronic neck pain due to osteoarthritis. It is suitable even in cases where the pain tends to recur periodically (recurring pain) or persists for several days after an acute episode”.

Persistent pain should be treated early to prevent it from becoming chronic.