In 2015 the innovative lighting system Coelux was installed in the Gamma Knife radiosurgery room at Humanitas. This innovative lighting system reproduces natural sunlight and offers a window to the sky. It creates the illusion of being in front of a window looking outside. As reported in a recent article in the prestigious Corriere della Sera, Coelux brings numerous benefits to patients, particularly those who are claustrophobic.




What is Coelux

CoeLux perfectly replicates natural light and an image of the sun and sky, recreating a virtually infinite dimensional space in a closed space. This reduces the anxiety that inevitably arises when you are forced into a closed space, with no windows or underground.


The inventor

This amazing invention comes after years of study and research on natural light and light phenomena by Paolo Di Trapani. A professor of physics at the University of Insubria in Como, Italy. He is also founder and CEO of Coelux of Lomazzo, in the Como Province of Italy.

Using nanotechnology, the professor creates filters that can simulate physical phenomena occurring in the atmosphere in a small space. Also known as “Rayleigh scattering”.


The benefits and applications

Coelux is not simply a light. They way in which it is used in Humanitas, can positively affect the health and wellbeing of patients. Using radiating beams of light and different inclinations thus give the perception of different climates. In fact, it has been proven that lighting has great benefits on our physiological and psychological processes.