During the challenging times of the Coronavirus crisis, which overwhelmed Milan and the entire Lombardy region in the last week of February and the first half of March, Humanitas has once again demonstrated its most profound qualities of excellence, adaptability, dedication, and resilience. During the first days of the crisis, Humanitas has made the decision to postpone all elective hospitalizations, striving to protect our patients and to build the capacity necessary to confront the emergency. As the number of infected patients grew, Humanitas has allocated more and more wards and specialized areas to the Covid-19 patients, continuously reorganizing hospital spaces, also during the night, to ensure both effectiveness of care and maximum safety for medical personnel and patients. Additionally, Humanitas has immediately equipped an in-house laboratory to perform Covid-19 testing at a higher rate. This incredible resilience is what drives Humanitas doctors in this continuous medical battle as well. These dedicated, brilliant professionals are able to achieve exemplary clinical results even during their endless shifts in mentally straining conditions.

The medical experience accumulated in the early days of the crisis has allowed Humanitas doctors to develop guidelines for diagnosing and treating Covid-19 patients and even to hold educational sessions for colleagues. Most importantly, however, Humanitas medical personnel was able to improve the condition of several Covid-19 patients enough to warrant their forthcoming discharge from the hospital and to transition intensive care unit patients to an ordinary ward. Despite the emergency, patients with other conditions cannot be neglected. The Lombardy region has appointed Humanitas as one of regional hubs for the treatment of stroke patients, recognizing Humanitas’ expertise and extraordinary adaptability. The innovative and exemplary measures adopted by Humanitas in the past weeks can undoubtedly serve as a model of care effectiveness in the context of the Covid-19 emergency.