Preparing for Corrective Eye Surgery by laser is very important because the outcomes directly affect the patient’s quality of life.

We asked Professor Paolo Vinciguerra, head of Ophthalmology at Humanitas, to talk to us about precautions before an operation.


What should you pay attention to before corrective eye surgery?

“A major surgery such like this, intended to last a lifetime, needs to meet to the patient’s quality expectations.

First, you need to look to a facility using the latest generation of lasers. In recent years, the quality of available tools has increased significantly, securing a better final result. It is essential to choose to be operated somewhere that sees high volumes of patients. Not, as so often happens, in an appartment, where hygiene conditions, safety and assistance for emergencies is not guaranteed.

It is also important to attend all the preoperative diagnosis: if this is not done thoroughly, missing data may effect the lasers programming and therefore, the outcome of the operation. Finally, it is definitely better to prefer the customized corneal ablation, which can provides personalized treatments to meet the different characteristics and needs of the individual patient”.

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