Cosmetic surgery for men is now a consolidated reality for years. Chest and abdomen are the parts of the body that men seem to hold more and on which surgeons thread the needles and slide their scalpels. The consolidation of male cosmetic surgery is continuous including data for this type of procedure. In the United States, for example, which has experienced a real boom with pectoral implants, while between 2000 and 2014 Gynecomastia, which is the reduction in the “breast” in men has increased by almost 30%.

These are the figures of the American Society of Plastic Surgery relative to 2014 which recorded an overall increase of 3% of the interventions (for men and women). The opposite trend is true for U.K. In Britain, in fact, the main procedures performed on men decreased by 15%. Gynecomastia, for example, has declined by 10%. And in Italy? According Sicpre, the Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the cosmetic surgery for men is not decreasing.

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What are the most popular cosmetic surgeries among men?

“The most requested cosmetic surgeries for men and their bodies are undoubtedly in the correction of gynecomastia, or the so-called love handles and abdomen. However above all else, is the first blemish, which is caused by being overweight and generally from over eating, that is damaging men” replies Professor Mark Klinger, head of the Unit of Plastic Surgery at the Hospital Humanitas.

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“And the good news, compared to a few years ago – he continues – is that its correction gives the most natural results today. In the past, although the appearance of the “breast” was caused by the enlargement of the mammary gland, was to eliminate them completely, resulting in a skeletal chest. In short, forming an imperfection. But today if removes only one disk, with a more natural effect. The surgery is even more “soft” in cases where the defect is caused only by fat accumulation, which can be reduced by using a little liposuction.”

And the dreaded “love handles”?

“As for the gynecomastia, also known as the “love handles”, surgery is the only effective way to reduce them, when the combination of a healthy diet and sports are insufficient. Even in this case, we resort to a small liposuction, which is performed through an incision of a few mm. For the abdomen, we must remember that the fat can only be reduced superficially. When fat is present in the abdominal cavity, including the bodies, the patient has to lose weight and change their lifestyle”.

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It is not news that fitness has become an ideal for men, and therefore cosmetic surgery has also become increasingly reliable, but women are always the first to turn to cosmetic surgery. “Certainly the increase in the males attention to appearance has increased the propensity to undergo plastic surgery, though of course the increase in the male target is far from ousting that of the ladies from the first place.” concludes Professor Klinger.