Cystitis is an inflammation of the lower urinary tract and although it is often attributed to a female disorder, it can also affect men.

Some precautions may be useful in preventing this inflammation. The advice of Dr. Massimo Lazzeri, urologist at Humanitas.


Drink enough

Drink sufficiently, taking into account the loss of liquids that occurs through sweating and according to the seasonal situation.

A good hydration involves the intake of at least one and a half liters of water (bottled) per day. However, beware of excesses that could lead to an overload of bladder function, with the risk of worsening symptoms.


Do not hold back pee

It is best to empty the bladder as soon as it is required; holding the urine is a real stress to the bladder. When you hold the urine for a long time and exceed the elasticity limit of the bladder, you may not be able to eliminate all the bladder content when you urinate. The part that remains within the organ may be a factor predisposing to infection.


Don’t neglect intimate hygiene

Personal hygiene is important, even in the case of sexual intercourse. Women predisposed to infection of the urinary tract must ensure excellent hygiene before and after intercourse. It is best to empty your bladder before and after sexual intercourse. These small measures may also reduce the incidence of another disorder typical of cystitis patients, post-coital cystitis.