Dr. Elena Longhi, psychosexologist, has joined the team of Urology at Humanitas directed by Prof. Giorgio Guazzoni. The unit specializes in rehabilitation sexology of patients undergoing radical prostatectomy (removal of the entire prostate gland) as a result of cancer. Dr. Longhi’s research interests range from rehabilitation after surgery to sexual problems in neurological diseases. She has recently been awarded the position national coordinator of Psychosexology at the Italian Society of Andrology (SIA).


Who is Dr. Elena Longhi?

After graduating, Dr. Longhi specialized in Clinical Sexology in Family Therapy. She also specialized in Psychosexology at Houston University in Texas.  Dr. Longhi focused her attention particularly on post-surgical rehabilitation (male and female sexual dysfunction). She also concentrated on cardiological, neurological, gynecological and dermatological aspects associated with head injuries from traffic accidents and sexual dysfunction from psychogenic causes.

Dr. Longhi carries out outpatient activities at the Unit of Urology, led by Prof. Guazzoni, in Humanitas. She also takes part at the Sexual Medicine Center of San Raffaele, led by Professor Francesco Montorsi.  Her clinical activities combine intensive research, ranging from sexual disorders related to neurological disorders all the way to sexual problems in menopause. She has recently been awarded the prestigious position national coordinator of Psychosexology at the Italian Society of Andrology.


What are the benefits of sexual rehabilitation after having undergone surgery?

Sexual dysfunction is the main functional problem following radical prostatectomy. Increasingly precise and minimally invasive techniques allow preservation of the neurovascular bundles that make erectile function possible. Sometimes, the extension of the tumor requires a more radical surgical technique, resulting in loss of erectile nerves.  For this reason, early diagnosis and rehabilitation is vital. While erectile function can be treated with an appropriate drug therapy prescribed by an urologist, rehabilitation sexology is just as important for resuming natural sexual function.

Rehabilitation sexology is a specialized healthcare program designed for the patient, their partner and together as a couple. The rehabilitation team helps the patient and their partner open up about their feelings and intimacy issues. They learn to rediscover their desires through sexual exercises and talks about their needs. Through the rehabilitation program, the couple is able to reach their expectations and improve their overall quality of life.

Dr. Longhi takes part in the counseling service for patients who are candidates for prostatectomy. For more information about the counseling service provided by Humanitas, visit the dedicated page.