Dermatitis is a generic term for an inflammatory state of the skin. There are different types of dermatitis and a dermatological examination is essential to recognize the cause. Professor Antonio Costanzo, Head of Dermatology in Humanitas, guest in the studio at Tg2 Medicina33 spoke about this issue.

“We have different types of dermatitis, acute and chronic. In spring, allergic dermatitis and irritating dermatitis in particular, emerge; irritating dermatitis is caused by direct damage to the skin, not mediated by the immune system, such as an acid, or a stinging substance. The main remedy is to identify the responsible substance and remove it.

The area of the body affected depends on the type of dermatitis. In an atopic subject, the zones of choice are the inner parts of the folds, elbows, back of the legs, and under the armpits. In a woman with a sun-induced allergy or a combination of sun and cosmetics, it can also affect the neckline.


How do I treat dermatitis?

It is essential that the patient undergo a dermatological examination to identify the type of dermatitis. The specialist will then suggest the execution of some tests, such as the patch test, thanks to which it is possible to identify the substances responsible for the symptoms.

If dermatitis is limited to the patient, topical drugs will be prescribed, which will solve the problem in a few days. If it is extended, systemic drugs (cortisone or immunosuppressants) are used.