Dermatitis is the generic name for skin inflammations. There are many kinds of dermatitis, and a medical examination of the skin is fundamental to ascertain the cause of a specific dermatitis. Professor Antonio Costanzo, Supervisor of Dermatology, explained why it is important to determine the cause of a dermatitis.
“There are many types of dermatitis, acute and chronic. Allergic dermatitis and irritant-contact dermatitis cases, occur particularly in springtime. Should the immune system fails to filter a direct skin damage, from acids or irritating substances, Irritant-contact dermatitis follows. The main remedy is pinpointing the irritating substance and removing it.
The affected body area varies, based on the kind of dermatitis. Atopic subjects get generally affected in the inside of knees and elbows, and under their armpits. Sun- or sun-and-make-up- induced allergies may affect the neckline of women”.

The cure of dermatitis

A specialist should check the inflammated skin, in order to understand which kind of dermatitis affected the patient. Their practitioner will then suggest taking some tests, such as the patch test, that makes it possible to pinpoint the substances causing the symptoms.
Localized dermatitis cases require topical medications, that will solve the problem in a few days. If the dermatitis is extended, systemic drugs (cortisone or immunosuppressants) are needed instead.