The intestinal preparation is considered one of the most unpleasant things related to colonoscopy by patients.

We talked about the topic with Prof. Alessandro Repici, Head of the Digestive Endoscopy Unit at Humanitas and Professor of Gastroenterology at Humanitas University.



Why shouldn’t you underestimate your intestinal preparation?

“It is very important because doing well an intestinal preparation means having a colon in which the doctor can see all the possible alterations of the mucous membranes and in case make an early diagnosis in tumor caissons”, explained Repici.

It is often considered unpleasant by patients because “the day before they have to take a certain amount of liquid, it is a laxative room whose taste is not the best, and that can also cause other annoyances such as the feeling of nausea, intolerance. Several patients often fail to complete the preparation, especially if you require to take two, three or four liters of laxative fluid.

New clinical study in Humanitas for easier preparation

“Humanitas in collaboration with four other Italian centres is coordinating a new very important clinical study that aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a new laxative substance, which has the great advantage of being compacted into a single litre, instead of two or three, and which can be taken separately, that is, half a litre the evening before the examination and the remaining half a litre the morning of the examination. It is therefore easier to take and without the digestive effects that all patients tell us”, concluded the gastroenterologist.