Eluxeo is the new endoscopic system manufactured by Fujifilm Europe and presented in Vienna at the United European Gastroenterology Week of 2016.

Its an innovative system that can provide enhanced endoscopic examination support with images. Specifically in the differentiation of the surfaces of mucous membranes and structures of the gastrointestinal tract vessels.

Some of the advantages are the facilitation in the identification of lesions, more precise diagnostic possibilities and greater comfort for the patient.

We spoke with prof. Alessandro Repici, Head of Endoscopy, and among the first experts to use this technology which is already available at Humanitas and has been used in clinical practice for more than one hundred cases.


Professor. Repici during the United European Gastroenterology Week of 2016

The Eluxeo technology

One of the peculiarities of the endoscopic Eluxeo system is the provision of Multi Light 4-LED technology, the gold standard as far as the light intensity of endoscopic imaging. This technology allows healthcare professionals to alternate between three different methods to achieve the highest levels of brightness and contrast (White Light, Blue Light Imaging, Linked Color Imaging).

According to Prof. Repici, there are numerous advantages of the Blue Light Imaging technology.


  • Facilitation in the identification of lesions, inflammation and tumors of the colon and rectum at an early stage
  • Greater ease in getting immediate treatment decisions
  • Possibility of a more precise diagnosis

Professor Helmut Neumann is the Director of the Intervention Endoscopy Center at the University Clinic of Mainz, Germany, for his part, stressed the technological optical efficiency of the Multi Zoom 135x. He uses Eluxeo as it is critical for personalized treatment and a correct diagnosis. Eluxeo makes it possible to distinguish the various types of mucosal patterns and tissue layers. Increased comfort during the examination guaranteed by the extreme maneuverability and flexibility of the endoscope ensures increased comfort for the patient.


Training experts to improve care

The Eluxeo system with Blue Light Imaging and Multi Light 4 LED technology has been developed thanks to the union of the foremost experts in the health field with the proven expertise of Fujifilm’s experience in diagnostic imaging.

Currently, Eluxeo is being launched in the main European markets. Additionally, Fujifilm has announced a training program for experts in the industry, developed through a series of courses and workshops. The intent is to ensure that endoscopists get the highest level of training in order to improve patient care thanks to these advanced technologies.

The launch of a new scientific platform by Fujifilm aimed at health professionals has made available a new module on the application of Blue Light Imaging for Barrett’s esophagus. Finally this teaching tool allows endoscopists to detect more accurately the tumor, thus significantly improving clinical practice.