Erectile dysfunction treatment is entirely possible with modern medication. In some cases, patients may be prescribed medication to be taken for life. This is usually the case with elderly patients, those with diabetes and neurological problems. In younger patients, taking drugs is usually a temporary solution. This is especially true in cases in which the psychological aspect plays a decisive role.

We spoke to Dr. Alessandro Pizzocaro, Andrologist at Humanitas for more information.

erectile dysfunction treatment

What treatments are available for erectile dysfunction?

Surely the first-line of erectile dysfunction treatment is medication. Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 have revolutionized the field of andrology. By taking these drugs, the patient’s erection is restored back to the same condition as before the problem.

These drugs do not cause an erection but reinforce an already existing mechanism. The erection is not artificial or drug-induced, but physiological, as it was before the problem.


Do the first-line drugs work? Do they have side effects?

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors very seldom fail. However, in cases of cardiac patients who take medication to dilate the coronary arteries, such as nitrates, we must resort to so-called second-line treatments.


What is the second-line erectile dysfunction treatment?

The second-line treatments include the use of certain specific drugs, including Alprostadil. It is a drug that causes an erection in an artificial way. You can take it either via intra-urethral or via an intra-cavernous injection, after specific medical training.


Are there solutions to erectile dysfunction other than drugs?

Yes, there are third line treatments as well such as a prosthetic implant. These treatments are necessary when the previous are ineffective and when the patient is highly motivated to solve his problem. However, the prosthetic implant in reality is very rarely applied since almost all patients respond well to first-and second-line treatments.


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