Nowadays, natural makeup tricks have won over Italians. Cosmetics Italy, the national association for cosmetic companies, has confirmed it. At the Expo meeting in the Hall of Biodiversity, the association presented data regarding this sector: up to 2.4% in 2014, with a value close to 420 million Euros. Signs of increased consumer preferences towards natural and organic makeup have been seen.


Natural makeup is generally created from green substances. Among them, some are of mineral origin: “It is naturally colored dust that leaves the skin to breath, is not absorbed by the skin and also protects it from the sun” says Professor Marcello Monti, Head of the Dermatology Department in Humanitas Hospital, in reference to counseling tricks for Summertime natural mineral make-up.



There has been talk at the Expo 2015 meeting for natural make-up products

Data on natural cosmetics were presented during the conference “Cosmetic Green: global trends and domestic market” organized at the Expo center.  What is the profile of a typical consumer who choosesnatural make-up products? “To start with, the motives for purchase are the most important when it comes to sales and attention to the ingredients of the products. The focus on products that insist on green concepts also emphasizes the growth of environmental awareness and attention to the natural products show that herbalism is offering a clear response, “says Gian Andrea Positano, Head of the Research Center of Cosmetics Italy.


In Italy, however, the system is quite fragmented in terms of product certification bodies. This makes it difficult to distinguish the natural products from organic products. Also, at the European level, the situation is not so different, with the presence of several reference standards.


Natural makeup does however, present a number of health risks: “Natural” does not mean 100% safe for the skin: these tricks can trigger allergic reactions or irritation.