Professor Paolo Vinciguerra, Supervisor of the Eyecare Center of Humanitas and teacher at Humanitas University, was the main speaker in a Facebook live chat on September 7th.

During this episode, devoted to diagnoses, therapies and surgical techniques for the main eye ailments, the Professor spoke about many topics and answered to questions from the audience.

Firstly, Prof. Vinciguerra spoke about cataract. He explained the surgical operation and the importance of a timely intervention. He also praised the advantages of new technologies.

Then, he spoke about glaucoma and its onset, explaining the developments in the treatment of this disease. Other interesting topics he mentioned are keratoconus and the efficacy of cross-linking in blocking its development.

He also spoke at length about refractive surgery. Professor Vinciguerra reaffirmed the importance of a personalized operation of each patient and about the parameters patients have to show in order to undergo this particular surgery.

Lastly, the specialist spoke about the role of robotics in eye care and about the new developments in research.

Finally, he gave us some tips to care for our eyes when using smartphones and tablets.