Summer heat can cause blood pressure to drop, resulting in illnesses that can also lead to fainting.

How do I intervene if a person faints? Dr. Maddalena Lettino, Head of Cardiology and Heart Failure in Humanitas, spoke about this topic in an interview.

“The first indication is to keep the faint person lying down, trying to lift their legs, with whatever they have.


Vagal crisis, the most common fainting

“A fainting from low pressure, which we cardiologists call vagal crisis, is one of the most common hypotheses and occurs for example in the supermarket, in the queue, in closed and warm places like a church.

In this case, the person usually immediately regains consciousness, because the amount of blood that is returned from the legs into the general circulation is sufficient to restore good brain circulation.

It is advisable to keep the person lying and with their legs up until the rescue has arrived and if the person does not respond, while waiting for the emergency response it is good to understand whether pulse and pressure are present. In fact, in the absence of a heartbeat, it is necessary to start the resuscitation maneuvers”, explains Dr. Lettino.