An article about the first information regarding the rumored vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease, has just been published on The Lancet Neurology. The study is still a preliminary one, but the first results are satisfactory. Professor Alberto Albanese, Supervisor of Neurology at Humanitas, gave his comment in an interview for Radio 24’s programme “Heart and money”.

“This is a phase-1 study, that is to say a preliminary study. It only takes into consideration tolerability, while therapeutic effects are not studied at all. The results were positive and for this reason the new vaccine’s tolerance is good.

Moving to phase 2, we will be studing the vaccine to ascertain whether it also leads to improvement results. We will need two or three years to evaluate the results of phase 2. Hopefully, we will move to phase 3. That, would be to put this product on the market”, the professor points out.

The idea behind the vaccine

“We know that the accumulation of badly formed proteins that the brain can’t dispose of, characterize the neurological degenerative diseases. So, how can we get rid of these proteins that take up space and kill nerve cells by suffocating them? We are trying to develop a vaccine that can prevent the accumulation of proteins”, Prof. Albanese explains.