Swollen feet and heavy legs, combined with episodes of annoying night cramps: the sudden heat is detrimental to the long circulation, especially for those suffering from venous insufficiency, more or less relevant. Disorders can be controlled by following a few simple rules: avoid a sedentary lifestyle, eat healthy foods and drink lots of fluids (1.5-2 liters of water a day)


“Usually, people who suffer from heaviness and leg swelling make the mistake of not drinking enough water – says Dr. Marco Setti, Head of Vascular Surgery at Humanitas Gavazzeni. Instead, it is necessary to introduce into the body fluids, even through diets rich in vegetables and fruit, and then water, preferably natural. It is safe to assume from medical assistance that phlebotonics medications can help improve blood circulation (using the principles of active bioflavonoids, red and Gotu Kola): the special creams that contain phlebotonics and heparinoids to reduce the “heat”which is manifested especially in the calves and help make a difference even if it is not entirely effective.”



Practical tips to help relieve pain in the legs

“Advice for relieving pain when you suffer from swollen feet and legs is to exercise, keeping moving and drink plenty of water; at night, keep your legs raised by resting them on a simple pillow – adds Dr. Setti. – Unfortunately in women, hormonal issues related to pregnancy, the use of birth control pills or other similar problems make them more susceptible to venous insufficiency than men. It affects as many as 7 out of 10 women. ”


As for the legs and long journeys (plane, car or train), where our limbs are forced into small spaces or crouched positions, it would be good practice to wear relaxation stockings (70 denier) during the duration of the trip to help improve venous circulation. In individuals with episodes of thrombus phlebitis, it is advised to consult with a specialist. Sun exposure is allowed – concludes Dr. Setti- but with moderation and in cases of phlebitis inflammation, it is absolutely prohibited. At sea, it is advised to walk along the water or swim, activities that produce a natural and healthy hydromassage.”